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Useful Documents for Download and Links to manage your transportation needs.

Terms and Conditions

Download our terms and conditions as a PDF document.


Zix Corporation Freight Forwarding Contract

Terms and conditions of service


Power of Attorney (foreign)

Foreign principal party in interest



Power of Attorney

U.S Principle party in interest/authorized agent

Terms and Conditions Of Service

Zix’s Terms and Conditions


Harmonized Tariff Codes

In this page you will find the the different listing’s for the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and information

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US Customs and Border Protection

Inform yourself over the regulations and process for US customs and Border Protection.

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Schedule B Export Transactions

The export statistics that have been collected and distributed with different variations

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Foreign Exchange

View The Exchange Rates In Real time

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Fuel Index

View the U.S Energy information Report of Petroleum and other liquids.

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